15 July, 10:24

Alexander Abramov, President of the 7 Summits Club, reports from Pakistan:
Today is July 15th. Broad Peak. Pakistan. 8056 m . Having successfully carried out acclimatization, we went down from Camp 2 to Base Camp on the 13th. It is on the 13th that Volodya Kotlyar, who performs a secret mission on K2, has a birthday. Two base camps, Broad Peak and K2, came to congratulate him. He turned 34 years old. The limit of youth that he had set for himself. Now adult life begins. Volodya, a great voyage for a big ship!
The weather in Pakistan does not allow us to think about the future yet. All the slopes were covered with snow. The snow has fallen even in BC. We are all sitting in tents. We read books, watch movies, make love. Who has what opportunities....