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8 October, 09:45

Saturday, October 7th. A message from Nepal: "Today the Nepalese have a day off, thanks to this, we were able to leave Kathmandu for the Rolwaling Valley at the 8th hour without traffic jams. 7.5 hours of traffic on roads of different quality (repairs are underway), and we reached the settlement of Chhyothkhyot at an altitude of 1410 m. We are staying here tonight for the night, then we will have a trek. Very comfortable in temperature (after KTM) place, with beautiful views. We met only one trekking peak expedition in this location."

  Alexey Lonchinsky (owner of Piolet D'Or) and Yuri Koshelenko (also owner of Piolet D'Or) today go to the high-altitude zone of the Himalayan Mountains to make a record ascent. The two are planning to make the first ascent to the top of the Rolwaling Kang along the technically complex Southeastern buttress.  At the moment, no one has been on this summit at all. In 2015, a Japanese expedition attempted to climb, but in the end the team ascended to the neighboring peak. The buttress is the most attractive in a technical sense, it is beautiful and logical. Alexey and Yuri received a permit and started trekking in the direction of the base camp on the Drolombao glacier.

This is the second joint ascent of Alexey and Yuri. In 2017, the two made an ascent to Fangi Peak (6538m), for which they were nominated for the Golden Ice Axe of Russia award.

The expedition is supported by the Vento Company.