28 February, 05:05

Lyudmila Korobeshko the leader of the group:  Hello everyone from Colombia! Yesterday, our “Colombia Pictures” team successfully climbed  the summit of Tolima volcano with a height of 5220m. It was unforgettable!

A very beautiful peak! The ascent turned out to be diverse. You start with the jungle, then go through the paramo (high-altitude swamps), then moraines and end up in the glacier zone.

We were very lucky with the weather. On the night of the assault, it was warm and windless. We passed the dangerous rock section quickly with belay. And when we went out on the glacier, the dawn began and the views were stunning.  We were very impressed with the smoking active volcano Ruiz. At the top, we took a lot of photos and even almost made a landslide, jumping too much for the summit photo.

Today we went down to the beautiful green valley of Cocora with the tallest palm trees in the world. We are resting and preparing for a flight to the Caribbean coast, where we are waiting for a trek to the Lost City.