3 July, 14:49

Lyudmila Korobeshko, Director of the 7 Summits Club, reports from Pakistan:
Exploration expedition on Broad Peak, Pakistan. Day 3. The third of July. Hurray! The documents are finally ready. In the morning we left Shigar in the direction of Ascole. On the way, we slowed down in almost every village - our driver greeted his friends and proudly showed that he was carrying foreign tourists. Two hours later we stopped to buy chickens. For the first time we saw how live chickens are put on the scales and discuss weight and prices for a long time, and chickens calmly flaunt on the scales. Around lunch, we had a snack with traditional food of the Baltu peoples - rice, lentils, vegetables and meat - essentially the same Nepalese dalbat. In general, the Baltu, Sherpa and Tibetan peoples are very close, languages and traditions are similar.
About two o'clock we stopped, before reaching Ascole a couple of kilometers - the road was washed out here. We had to move things to other Jeeps. We walked a little bit to Ascole - the views are gorgeous! The village is very picturesque, with sharp snow peaks all around.
This is the last major settlement on our way. There will probably be no further communication until the very BC - day 4-5. See you soon! Don't lose us!