18 July, 15:00

Lyudmila Korobeshko, Director of the 7 Summits Club, reports from Pakistan:

Exploration at Broad Peak, Pakistan. Days 14-18. July 14-18. The days of rest in the BC Broad Peak quickly passed after our acclimatization rotation. At first, the weather was just disgusting - snow, rain, fog. Yesterday (July 17) the weather improved and many climbers went to the upper camps with the hope of an assault in the coming days.
During the rest, we managed to walk under Pastor Peak in the side gorge, visited BC of K2 a couple of times, met Kotlyar, Nims, Garrett Madison. Israfil and Saulius with the Polish guys went to C2 Broad Peak last night. Today they have to reach C3 and tonight (Monday to Tuesday) - to storm the summit. We are leaving the base tonight, tomorrow July 19 - C2, the day after tomorrow July 20 - C3, July 21 - according to our plan, we are going to storm Broad Peak.


I walked today to BC of K2. It's about an hour up the glacier from our BC Broad Peak. Firstly, the views are amazing. Just as I was approaching the camp, the clouds began to disperse and Chogori appeared in all its glory. Secondly, the K2 camp site itself is very beautiful, there are a lot of Nepalese companies and as a result - a lot of stupas with flags (it can be seen that pujas were held). And thirdly, while I was wandering around the camps, Nims noticed me and invited me to visit. The elitexped camp is really the best here - a whole cozy town of large sleeping tents, several common tents, kitchens, flags and logos of Nims and his company everywhere. Even cups in the dining room with personalized logos.



Like in our camp, everyone is waiting for the weather. In a couple of days, according to the forecast, there will be an improvement. July 19-20-21 are the approximate summit days for K2 and Broad Peak.