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26 August, 21:59

The Guide of the 7 Summits Club Valery Myasoedov reports from Iran:

 Greetings from Iran! The Children of Arbat group continued the acclimatization program on the third day, because altitude drop and rest are also part of acclimatization, aren't it? In the morning we left the cozy Tochal Hotel and took a cable car down from 3500 m to 1700 m to hot Tehran. Then we headed towards Damavand and on the way stopped for lunch at the Adam and Eve restaurant, which has become everyone's favorite. About what delicious kebabs and kebabs there are, it's already time to write a laudatory ode to one of the local poets. Details in the video. Then there was obtaining permits at the House of the Iranian Mountaineering Federation in Polur, a traditional photo against the background of the Damavand map and a brief introduction to the climbing routes, of which there are as many as 16. The most popular is the route from the south, which we always go. Our day trip to Larijan ended, there was time to plunge into the hot springs, and lie in the hotel for a couple of hours, and in the evening for dinner again kebabs of 5 types. The rested and strengthened, "Children of Arbat" are eager to fight, and tomorrow they will have the opportunity to prove themselves - we climb to the camp at 4200 m.