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since 2005
23 August, 21:35

Salam from Iran!   The group "16 happy Persian Lions" of the 7 Summits Club is finishing its program of climbing the Damavand volcano! Time flew by like a flash, but we managed a lot! We got acquainted with the sights of Tehran and the national cuisine.

We visited the Tochal ski resort and climbed two acclimatization local peaks of 3860m and 3964m.  We visited the Iranian mountaineering federation and rested in the hot springs of Larijan at the foot of Damavand. We passed high-altitude acclimatization and met fellow countrymen of servicemen who participated in international army climbing competitions on Damavand (similar ones are held in Russia, on Elbrus). We enjoyed delicious food from our chefs and tasted perhaps the highest mountain buffet.

We climbed the highest volcano in Asia, the peak of Damavand and tasted sweet melon there, which was brought by our doctor Sergey (his hundreds of stories throughout the program kept the whole team in a great mood). By the way, he spent examination right at the top by measuring pressure, oxygenation and pulse on!

After going down to Tehran, they held an award ceremony.  Everyone is happy!

And yet, we have a tour of the ancient capitals of Persia ahead of us! So, the journey continues!

Guides Valery Myasoyedov and Evgeny Fedyunin.