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27 August, 05:20

Evgeny Fedyunin, the Guide of the 7 Summits Club, reports from Iran:

Salam from Iran!  Our journey through Persia is coming to an end. Today, the group of "16 happy Persian Lions" of the 7 Summits Club spent the whole day in Isfahan. First, we familiarized ourselves with the Bazaar, the area of which occupies the 2-nd place in the world! Then we visited the mosques of Imam and Sheikh Lotfolla. We visited the four-hundred-year-old Chehel Palace and saw ancient bridges that are more than 500 years old!

We had lunch in an antique restaurant and visited the Armenian quarter with its Christian temple. There are a lot of emotions and impressions, I can't tell you… Everyone is in cultural shock! Our guide Aida is just an encyclopedia of Persia and the East!

In the evening there was time for a "souvenir looting of the Bazaar". The locals are very friendly to the Russians!