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Mumu and Papuans for every taste! The 7 Summits Club group completes Mount Giluwe climbing tour with a cultural-carnival program

22 November 2019, 13:48: Ludmila Korobeshko, Director of 7 Peaks Club and group guide: Hello from Papua! Perhaps this is the last one. Tomorrow we're flying home, and today we were having a blast in Papua. We visited mudmen, hulimen, skeletonmen. With each of these tribes we sang and danced. Then we participated in the preparation of a special dish "Mumu" - thus, we were given a great honor. We also shot with bows and spears, visited the mausoleum with skulls, and met the family of the chief of the village of Paya, whose members appeared to us in a very naked form. Probably, it is also a sign of great respect for us... In General, we leave this hospitable country with a lot of pleasant impressions and photos. We promised local to return on their festivals. They invited us very much. MORE »

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