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Summit! A group of the 7 Summits Club with a guide Ludmila Korobeshko climbed to the top of Mount Orizaba on New Year's Eve

Pico de Orizaba (Citlaltépeti), at 5700 m (18,707 ft) Mexico's highest mountain, lies on the border with the state of Puebla about 30km/19mi north of Orizaba. It is best climbed from its west ... read more »
2 January, 18:11: Ludmila Korobeshko, a group guide: Hello from Mexico! Our team changed its name and became known as the "Group virus." First, Nikolai Senior fell ill, before climbing La Malinche. It turns out that in the morning he had a temperature of 38, but he decided that it was nothing. And even climbed to the top, but exclusively on moral-volitional... The next day, December 31, we went to Orizaba Base Camp already without Nikolai. We celebrated the New Year with turkey, red caviar and red wine. The forecast for the night from 1th to 2th, when according to the plan we were supposed to have an assault, was bad - the wind is 60 km / h. Therefore, we started immediately on New Year's Eve. We climbed, though very slowly - nevertheless, 1,500 m of drop and the virus was felt. We all admired the courage of Ania, who from the very beginning was very hard to go. But in 11 hours we quietly reached the summit with her. We descended into the camp already in the dark. Now a well-deserved rest started: pyramids, cacti, tequila. By the way, cacti can be delicious. MORE »

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