25 April 2010, 16:03

One day members of the expedition visited the monastery of Rongbuk. There our Dr. Igor Pokhvalin performed miracles with the help of simple tablets. And the other team members trained on the sacred rock. So we all deserve a miracle. And in the evening the miracle happened… at the base camp. Huge glowing pylon rose up between the tents. It was a miracle worthy deeds of the Gods. If it had happened a hundred years ago, all of Tibetian fell to the feet of Alexander Abramov. But even now, we feel that respect for our leader among Tibetans have risen.


Alex Abramov wants to climb Everest on bike


To the monastery for a miracle


Miracle 1: Our Doctor help to a monk


Miracle 2:  8d + on-sight

 Main Miracle

 Our Wizard - Uncle Kolya

 Woa !