26 April 2010, 14:52

At 2:30 p.m., Chinese time, a big avalanche came down from the North Col of Everest. In the opinion of witnesses, a snow cornice was broken on the crest above the North Col. At this time, about 100 people were on fixed ropes. The avalanche grazed the edge of fixed ropes. According to an eyewitness, sirdar "7 Summits Club" Mingma Gelu, they could see from the camp ABC that search and rescue operations began.

More precise information in one hour: no member of the expedition 7 Summits Club was next to these accident. According to preliminary information, 2 Hungarian climbers fell under the avalanche. One of them have taken already to the camp ABC, he is alive. The second climber has not yet been found.

Our Everest team approved the following plan of action.

28.04 - Intermediate Camp.

29.04 - go to camp ABC

30.04 – rest and training at Camp ABC

May 1 - climb to the North Col. (overnight stay at an altitude of 7000 meters)

May 2 - descent into the camp ABC

May 3-4 - rest in ABC

May 4 - the rise in the North Col. (overnight)

May 5 - exit at the height of 7800 meters and descend to camp ABC

May 6 - descent to the Base Camp.


   North Col never looks safe

 View from the ABC camp to the North Col