30 April 2010, 12:04

The search for Laszlo Varkonyi has ended. Today morning according to the informations of the Hungarian embassy in Beijing, the Ministry for foreign affairs informed us, that by the report of the Chinese contact officer they finished searching for Laszlo Varkonyi. The local authorities will fill out a document on the lethal accident. The decision was made because after searching for two and a half they presumed that they won't find him dead or alive. In the area of the searching the ice is not stable and the weather was adverse.

David Klein told by phone that he would rather talk about his from Kathmandu. Now he only said: 'There was an avalanche accident, an icefall. My friend Laszlo Varkonyi has died, I was lucky, the safety rope held me.' David will start off to Kathmandu today afternoon or tomorrow morning and hopes to reach it tomorrow evening.

Statement of David Klein, April 27, 2010

Yesterday around noon we were on our way down from the North Col (7000 m) to the Advanced Base Camp (6400 m), when at half way, at a relatively easy area the ice started to fall, which means that the ice-wall above us fell down. The ice took Konyi and me off our legs. The ice threw me onto an ice-wall, cross an edge, and I stopped hanging at the vertical wall, on the fixed rope. I didn't know what happened to Konyi, he was behind me. I hoped that the avalanche missed him.

Later I was rescued from above, with the help of a rope, and I learnt that Konyi was missing. They searched for him yesterday and today with big teams, but they didn't find him. According to the eyewitnesses, while I was carried away by the avalanche, Konyi was caught by it 15-20 meters behind me, and the ice fell on him directly.

I have few bruises on my right arm, it was already reinstated by a Mexican doctor here on the mountain.

I will go down from the mountain the day after tomorrow.

I would like to emphasize that these are only the first impressions! I will give a more accurate description of what happened later.


Last photo from Everest