30 November 2011, 21:33

Since 2001, each two years, in September, specially collected group rises on the highest summit of the Alpes to measure actual height of Mont Blanc. For a long time already, it is clear that it constantly changes. The configuration of a snow cap changes, exact coordinates of the highest point change. This year 14 persons took part in measurements, they worked in the region of the top from September, 9 till September, 11th. As a result of complex measurements with use GPS they have received the following result: 4810,44 meters.



In 2009 the height was 4810,45 meters. The tallest heights has been registered in 2007 - 4810,90 meters.





New features to be installed at the Aiguille du Midi top station



We reported back in the spring that the Aiguille du Midi was to undergo some fancy new changes in the coming year, including a Blackpool Tower style glass floor.

Plans have since been finalised and work is due to start this autumn (although given that it is already mid-November they might want to get a wriggle on...).

As well as general refurbishments of the stairwells, walkways and waiting areas there will be a number of exciting new features including:

•Natural ice cave - an educational exhibition space embedded in the southern slope of the Aile Mont-Blanc in which visitors will be able to learn how glacier climbing has evolved over the course of history up to the present day. Sound and light displays will bring the ice sculptures to life! (May open later than the rest of the new development as it will depend on the rate at which the thickness of the ice and snow re-establishes itself after the construction of the central piton's new covered gallery.)



•The highest museum in the world - the museum will be at an altitude of 3777m and will pay tribute to the many mountaineers and adventurers who have begun their expeditions at the Aiguille du Midi. Expect tales of Alpine derring-do and photos of people from yesteryear in vintage Sunday dress scaling icy peaks with no more than a tweed jacket to fend off the sub-zero conditions.

•Glass floor - a vertigo-inducing glass box will be integrated into the structure of the building and suspended over a void to give you an opportunity to enjoy the view from a dramatic and dizzying new perspective.

•Covered viewing platform - tall bay windows and extra seating will allow visitors to enjoy the spectacular landscape in comfort.

•Covered terrace at the summit - it's hard to enjoy the view at 3842m when it's blowing a gale, raining, snowing or biting cold, so there will be a sheltered panoramic area on part of the summit terrace with wide bay windows that will enable visitors to gaze at the view even in bad weather.

•Galleried walkway - a complete circuit around the central piton with a gallery connecting the Rebuffat Terrace and the Aile Mont Blanc; easy walking and accessible to people with reduced mobility.

At a height of 3842m and with 360° views of the French, Italian and Swiss Alps, the Aiguille du Midi is already one of Frances' most popular tourist attractions and is the starting point for many a mountain expedition. It was recently revamped with a sleek new lift station and visitor centre, so the impending developments are part of a long-term project by the Compagnie du Mont Blanc to enhance the site for both sightseers and mountaineers. The renovations are expected to last 3 years, the cable car and much of the existing structure will remain open throughout this time.





Choice in the Death Couloir on the Mont Blanc classic route

You can familiarize personally with the arrangement plan of the couloir here.


Association Petzl on the basis of detailed studying of all questions connected with safety of overcoming « Death Couloir».

Petzl insistently advises to construct in this dangerous place of "Nepalese type» the bridge. Under it all rockfalls will fly by and to pass away all avalanches.