8 December 2011, 22:06

Yesterday Alexander Abramov and Dmitry Ermakov have taken off for the South America for preparation of the main part of the Antarctic season. The large quantity of luggage has demanded big efforts to push in the plane. The season program will be strained, and in Antarctica there is no place to buy there. So work, nerves, time – all should be spent, including in advance. Lyudmila Korobeshko will take off for Chile on Monday. So for time, this South American country becomes the main site of our Club.

During change in Madrid the friendly meeting with the Spanish climbers has occurred



The schedule of groups for the Antarctic summer

I Last Degree (16-29 Dec). The South Pole. Last degree.

1 Viktorov Alexander

2 Kuzmin George

The guide - Korobeshko Lyudmila


I Vinson (16-29 Dec). Mount Vinson. The tallest of Antarctica.

1 Beirit Konstantin

2 Kostrikin Pavel

3 Lukjanov Yury - Kazakhstan

4 Lukjanova Nadezhda - Kazakhstan

5 Rudenko Ivan

The guide 1 - Bobok Victor

The guide 2 - Ermakov Dmitry


III Vinson (29 Dec-12 JAN).

1 Ko Kan Fai - Hong Kong

2 Liu Wai Ming Haston - Hong Kong

3 Viktorov Alexander

4 Demjanenko Igor

5 Dudko Sergey

6 Krasnov Dmitry

7 Murtazina Dzhamilja

8 Tcherkashin Igor

The guide 1 - Bobok Victor

The guide 2 - Tsang Chi Sing John - Hong Kong


IV Last Degree (05-19 JAN) the South Pole. Last degree

1 Jovovic Dragan - Serbia

2 Kuznetsov Dmitry

3 Pankratenko Vladimir

The guide - Ermakov Dmitry