31 December 2011, 16:40

What will be the main event in the coming year? This is not the London Olympics, not the NATO aggression in Syria, did not fall of the euro, not the presidential elections in Russia and did not even winter K2 ... Opening of the Higgs boson? No, much more interesting. This, of course, the End of the World. As always, according to the dialectic, there are good and bad news. Good in this case is that it is the exact date of the End - December 21. That means we have almost a year ahead! You can and should do everything: climb the Seven Summits and plant a tree, look at elephants in Africa and raise a son, build a house and reach the two poles of the earth.

Ideas on how to spend a year of The End of the World, can be millions. A lot of them are listed on our site.

Keep optimistic attitude to life, work with real enthusiasm ! And just believe that good professionals will be needed even after the end of the world ...

With respect and love,

7 Sunmmits Club