8 February 2011, 19:50

Polar travel, as it turned out, it's extremely fun. Those who once experienced it, the rest of life will tend to return to high latitudes. Alexander Abramov flew home from Antarctica, full of new ideas. He is now interested in two new topics: snowmobiles and sled dogs. That is why, Alexander Abramov and Ludmila Korobeshko at the weekend visited Karelia. They were guests of Victor Simonov and Elena Potselueva leading experts on sled dogs in the European part of Russia.

 To come up with something new and original, you need to learn the experience of experts and listen to their views. And our leaders have decided to get acquainted with the experience of Victor Simonov, with whom Ludmila Korobeshko met at the North Pole. The result was a fascinating journey, a great vacation, and specification of future plans. So far, just to say that in the short term - is a trip to Karelia, which was struck by its beauty, human and “dogs" attitude. Encourage all to experience this joy of communicating with animals and nature.

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