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3 March 2011, 17:15

Hi everybody ! Just today, March 2, we descended into Chalten after a difficult eight-day passage to Glacier fields of Patagonia. All participants are healthy and happy, they bring home lots of new impressions and beautiful photos. We'll be waiting for photo gallery from our photographer Ivan Lukasiewicz. It will be ready in the middle of March.

Briefly about the expedition: the weather was good only in the first 2 days, and the rest of the rain came down with a strong wind. This, however, did not prevent us to enjoy the beautiful scenery. Fitzroy, the endless expanse of ice. We stayed at the base camp at

the western face of Cerro Torre, broke under heavy wind to shelters near the saddle del Viento, slept under a sprawling relic trees. And finally, tomorrow we will enjoy the falling blue ice of the glacier Perito Moreno in Calafate.

And yet we do not forget about the delicious local beer and, of course, Argentine wine. Photos - in the near letter, when we will be in civilization.

With the fiery Argentinian greetings. Luba