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9 August 2011, 16:59

Good afternoon, Lyudmila Korobeshko report from the Expedition of 7 Summits Club to the Peaks Korzhenevsky and Communism.
Long-awaited Triumph! Yesterday all membership of the expedition climbed on top!!! We were in a hurry because of bad weather which has hooked us at top, however.
We get started later at 9 am, after long discussions and hope that weather will improve, but it didn't improve. In general we were unique 5 persons who have managed to climb that day... There was going to leave about 15 people, but the others have decided to delay an ascent about what more likely  they have regretted because today weather has even more worsened and nobody has climbed mountain in general.
Only now we are descended to the Base Camp at 3200m, took a shower. Everybody  are very tired but happy. In general, all are alive, more or less healthy, and happy.
I would like to repeat once again that the whole group  it is: Vladimir A. Ivjansky,Victor V. Serov, Sergey G. Shchekoldin, (the guide) and me. Yesterday we all together at 3 pm local time were in the Peak of Korzhenevsky 7105m and now we are in Base Camp, everything is great, bye and good luck!