5 March 2012, 04:19

During 2010/11 season six climbers were killed in the "Roof of America." Along with the2008/09, both hit a record of fatalities. So far were about 6,500 climbers who visited the Aconcagua Park from November 15, 2011, 300 people more than when last season ended.

According to estimates, 3,500 were those who paid for climb and almost 3 000 opted for the short and long trekking. Number of resque evacuations reached 195, of which 170 were routine, 25 with some difficulty and 5 with an imminent threat.

The only case that could break the zero is the Spanish climber David Markaida Mendibe (42), who attempted to summit alone despite his expedition had 4 other athletes. Since the rescue team said their last sighting was 24 days ago and found no traces of him.