Providing expeditions
since 2005
16 January 2013, 10:16

Operation for the delivery of a climbing group to the base of volcano Sidley ended successfully. Two of the aircraft were involved in the action. DC-10 was used in order to deliver fuel for refuel. The group flew on a Twin Otter. The plane landed almost in the crater of Sidley. The base camp is set at an altitude of 2870 meters. Vyacheslav Adrov reports: “Camp was set, we had a dinner, now we are preparing for overnight . .... Weather is gorgeous, warm, no breeze. Another two days the weather will be like this. " However, not everyone feels good at that height. Therefore, plans of whole expedition are not fixed yet.

Members of the Sidley expedition: Vyacheslav Adrov, Vitaly Simonovich, Olga Rumyantseva (all - Russia), Paul Nicholson (Canada) and the guide of ALE David Hamilton.




Photos from the expedition of 2011