26 September 2013, 15:20

Hello! Today, roughly, at 10 am, the second team of six people summited Carstensz Pyramid. Downstairs there was rain, upstairs - snow, fog. Igor Demjanenko, Liana Chabdarova, Jamila Murtazina, Vitaly Simonovich, Elena Gorelik and Alexander Abramov. And also, two Indonesian guide. Thus, our entire team, in two days, climbed Carstensz Pyramid. Bisides, Lena Gorelik and Vitaly Simonovich, and Mikhail Turovsky (yesterday) completed the program 7 Summits with Carstensz Pyramid. We congratulate them! And now we will congratulate it during our dinner. And, tomorrow morning we start the way back, which should take four or, in the worst case, five days. Again, let's go by high plateau, swamps, jungle. I hope that all will be well. Thank you! Goodbye!