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12 May 2014, 04:34

Hi! Lyudmila Korobeshko from the expedition to Peak Gunnbjorn in Greenland. We did it! We went to the top of Gunnbjorn, the highest summit of Greenland and just few minutes we came down here to assault camp. The ascent was interesting, very beautiful, we were lucky with the weather. However, there was a lot of snow, so we were relatively slow. As a result, it took 6 hours on the climb up. But, in general, nothing to regret, excellent view, a lot of beautiful pictures we made. And for the way down we spent an hour and a half, I guess. Because when we passed steep sections, put skis, and after only 20 minutes we arrived to the camp. Overall, every people liked this climb. Tomorrow we go back down to the base camp. And we still have two days of , think about what to do with them. Best regards!