27 August 2014, 22:24

Today, another group of the 7 Summits Club led by guides Dmitry Semenov and Oleg Koshkarev climbed the top of Mount Elbrus. Five out of six members reached the Western Summit. Only one of them, because of the illness, decided not to make an attempt, and move it to the next year.

The second group goes to climb tonight. Alexander Abramov is going to go with them! The weather here is very windy and cold, so that successful ascent today is a big achievement of guides!

A day after, at August 29, we close the summer season on Elbrus by big costume party! This year the theme of the closing - "Pirate". We invite all interested persons to us!

Gathering place Cheget glade - cafe "Captain drink" - costumes mandatory!


Photos of Vitaly Simonovich from the second group: