28 December 2015, 03:23

This Saturday 26 December our group gathered in the center of the world - Quito, Ecuador's capital, by the way at 2800.

Today, December 27, we had a very busy day: went up to a height of 4000 meters for acclimatization and admiring views of the city. Then we strolled through the historic center of Quito (which, incidentally, is one of the first cities was declared a monument of UNESCO), visited a great many different cathedrals and churches. Especially noteworthy are two: the highest mountain in the Catholic Church of 4000, located precisely on the line of the Equator.

Of course, we visited the museum of the equator, where he participated in several demonstrations to prove that we are exactly on the equator. However, one experience, we have recognized the false, and even found the secret.

Now we pack things and tomorrow are advancing toward our first top - Pasachoa, 4200.

Have a good mood!

Best regards, Ludmila Korobeshko