17 March 2015, 02:15

Traditional gala-evening of the 7 Summits Club - a large collection of people dedicated to the mountains. Ulitsa Bolshaya Pereyaslavskaya house 7. Free! Login without passports and tickets!

March 19th. Thursday evening. Beginning at 20:00, as usual, the tables will be covered ....


The main thing at the party:

(!!!) Photos and video of the flight from Kilimanjaro, the story Valery Rozov. Opportunity to touch the hero!


(1) Alexander Abramov, the permanent captain of our Everest team will present the 7 Summits Club Everest expedition in 2015. He gave the word to Valdis Pelsh, all known person from TV. This time his role was a surprise to many. What is the purpose? How the project manager see the next movie about climbing Mount Everest? We hope to learn more at our party. We are waiting for other famous participants in the project: Ivan Dusharin, Denis Provalov ....

The first meeting of the team Everest-2015



(2) Secrets of the Antarctic season. The riddle of the missing deputies and other mysteries of the Ice continent. We are waiting for the main characters and the story from them!



(3) Another great event of the evening - a presentation of the book-album of Olga Rumiantseva "Seven volcanoes Kaspersky Lab." Clearly, this is our "Seven Volcanoes", a project born by 7 Summits Club and author of the project - our person. This is exactly the book that is the best gift. It may even be an opportunity to buy it autographed by the author.


(4) Surprise .... Alex Lonchinsky come to us along the path of the Piolet d'Or in Chamonix.



(5) You are awaiting for the long promised awarding winners of selfy competitions. And in addition to this - the traditional lottery and small prizes from our partner the Active holidays shop .



Looking forward to all of our friends and those who want to become them!