27 June 2015, 07:51

Hello! There is Ludmila Korobeshko from the expedition to McKinley. Today we had a day of adventure, so to speak. And the Mount showed to some extent, a difficult character. It all started as usual on the plan, as we planned. At 4 am we went out and walked through Windy Corner, we went to the place of getting a depot. And as we walked quickly and vigorously, we decided to bring our depot even to the Camp Ranger. We dug in it and on the way back, near Windy Corner, a strong wind started ... and also started a blizzard, snow. And all this went on until the camp. With difficulty we have found in this blizzard our camp. We were happy that we managed to do. The weather turned bad and our plans may change, but we have time to spare. Bye!