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1 June 2015, 23:47

Yaroslav sent to Alexander Abramov video, photos and the short message from the highest mountain of North America of McKinley (Denali): "Sasha, hi. Solo McKinley. Admit to the club of sevensummiters :)…" It is wonderful news! We congratulate Yaroslav! The 7 Summit Club Tops wishes him health, excellent sport conditionsco and new summits! Welcome to ranks of sevensummiters!

Photos with McKinley





Everest 2013:



Yaroslav Sabyrbayev, 43, sales and marketing director of HeidelbergCement, Kazakhstan:


Project of 7 Summits + 2 Poles, 7+1 objects
Aconcagua, 17/01/2008
Vinson Massif, 12/12/2008
Carstensz, 18/11/2012
Kilimanjaro, 15/01/2007
Kosciusko, 06/01/2014
McKinley, 29/05/2015
Everest from Tibet, 19/05/2013
Elbrus, 05/10/2008
McKinley 2015!!!!

Yaroslav Sabyrbayev – the absolute world record-holder, the first winner of the most high mountain tournament on billiards