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19 July 2015, 06:20

The 7 Summits Club guide Sergey Larin reports: .... Now we have 6:53 a.m.. We go down from the camp on Razdelnaya Peak, from an altitude of 6100 meters. There we held a successful acclimatization overnight. Our whole team feels good. The only thing - Elena has not participated in the outing, she is now in the camp at 4400. She is still normal, having no signs of altitude sickness. Just her body needs more time to acclimatize.

Up 6000 meters, the weather turned bad, now there was a strong wind - even blew off some tents. But we are in good health and went down, to rest. After a rest, we'll have to make way to the summit. Today we will try to go down as low as possible. Best regards!



Pictures by Andrey Almazov