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28 July 2015, 20:52

To credited ascent of Mount Abu Ibn Sina and get a certificate, you need to provide photos with a bust of Vladimir Lenin, which is on top of this mountain. This picture has been successfully done by a team of the Seven Summits Club on July 27 at 14:00 local time. At the top were: Valera, Dima, Maxim and I, Sergei. High altitude has made with our team very tough selection. Lena was waiting in the camp at 4400. Liana took a wise decision not to continue climbing in the camp of 6100, due to the worsening of bronchitis. Michail decided to stop climbing after a strong cold wind and snow hurt his eyes.

12-hour climb from Camp 6100 to the summit has required a lot of energy. And the return was very tense. But now everything is behind us, the entire team is at the base camp, at 3660, on the grass. All is well. Summiters are happy. Not summiters are happy that managed to maintain health. Best regards! Sergei Larin.