14 August 2015, 12:33


Family Gusakovsky (Vladimir, Tatiana and Margarita) - active participants of the 7 Summits Club programs, avid travelers, and well-known experts on Hibin and psychologists. Their trip to the "Far South" began on August 3. In the first half of the trip, they met all the best in a mountain mainland of Australia at Blue Mountain and Mount Uluru. August, 8th the group moved (flown by plane) in New Zealand. Now they are on the South Island of New Zealand, the journey will end on August 20.


Vladimir Gusakovsky: Today we moved to the South Island of New Zealand. A huge number of impressions, both natural and cultural plan, is leaving a feeling of unreality. It is the skyscrapers of Sydney, and the Australian desert orange mountains and unreal beauty of New Zealand landscapes and mystical Hobbiton, and bloodthirsty Maori dances. The route is not finished yet, and already we have experiences for few years ...

I enclose a few of the many photo: