23 September 2015, 06:35


Director General of the project Snob Marina Gevorgyan participated in the expedition 7 Summits Club on Everest in 2015. As is known, the expedition was aborted due to a strong earthquake. Marina hopes to return to Everest next year ....

Those who are trying to become the same height as the mountain, the mountain will prove your strength by many of ways. Especially if you are a woman who dare to embark on this path.

April 25th. Rongbuk Monastery, Everest Base Camp. Earthquake

In the morning a part of our expedition team is starting to the second acclimatization outing, now to the advanced base camp ABC at the altitude of 6400 m. I go with the TV crew of Valdis to visit the old monastery Rongbuk. From here until the destruction of the monastery in 1974, all successful and tragic Everest expedition went up the mountain. Rongbuk now is partially restored, there live some monks. The crew installs the equipment on a small platform at the top of the monastery, prepare shooting. Valdis notes that descends from the slopes of a herd of mountain goats. I'm going with a friend in the prayer room of the monastery. I was offered to go down to the cave. May be it was an animal instinct - I refuse.

Within seconds the ceiling above us begins to shake, the floor out from under his feet. We have run out of the room, a meter away from us is crumbling walls of the monastery. It comes the realization: Earthquake! I have experienced similar, so quickly guided. Female Tibetan women, picked up on the hands of a pretty adult daughter for a few seconds escapes from the height of the monastery. We also run down the track. However, where we have been ten minutes earlier, lies a huge boulder. We have to traverse virtually fly head over heels. Then we were waiting for the film crew. It takes an incredibly long ten minutes. Everyone in the group is alive, everybody went down, even the equipment is not damaged. They continued to shoot. We return to the camp

Most of the expedition had already gone up, there is no communication with them. I call home, managing to talk to my mother before she heard the news of the devastating earthquake in Nepal force of nearly eight points. Alexander (Alex) Abramov goes up the valley for the group. We pray for them and all those who is at this moment up at the narrow paths and glacier. By the end of the day we feel a few new tremors. There is no panic, we read news on internet, one becomes aware of the scale of the disaster. In the evening, Alex reported that the group is together , all are alive. None of the other groups, too, was not injured. The night was without sleep because of the uncertainty and experiences of those at the top. We understand that in this area we are now in the most successful place in tents on the plateau.

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Night photo of advanced base camp ABC on Everest