17 December 2016, 23:58

Hi all, here is Vladimir Kotlyar.

 Today our team visited Fort Bulnes, the first settlement on the shore of the Strait of Magellanic. Now it is restored monument to the history of development of the region. Place, in my opinion, charged some special energy.



 After visiting the fort we were at the briefing in the office of the ALE. Before briefing the Japanese team gave amateur theatrical performance on Chekhov's play "The Proposal". The funny thing is that the piece played in Japanese, then translated the content into Spanish, and then sounded it to us in English, and then the play is Russian.

 Currently we receive boarding passes for our native IL-76, and tomorrow, if local gods give local weather window, we start to Antarctica !!! -



 The flight mode))))


 That  we ended the preparations for the expedition, collected equipment, food purchased, got a pair of kilograms .  In the morning  we could fly to the icy continent. I will be gone for a month from the radar, because in Antarctica there is no internet.

 All Happy New Year!

 Kindness, love, and bold dreams!



Lyudmila Korobeshko:

 Motors and heart tightly sheathed. All collected, packaged, weighed. About 300 kg of the whole burden of our ski expedition to the South Pole. In 12 hours ALE promise to take us  in the heart of Antarctica. Later – all communication is only via satellite phone.

 All of the upcoming holidays!