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Artem Rostovtsev: Our group completed the first part of the program, we climbed two volcanoes in Ecuador


22/01/2016 17:07

Hello, Seven Summits! It is Artem Rostovtsev from Ecuador. We finished the first two days of travel to Ecuador. And there was half of day when we walked through the historic center of Quito. And in the next two days, we went to the two volcanoes. The first volcano – Pasachoa. It was very rainy weather. We almost did not see anything, but checked our equipment. Yesterday we went to the volcano Rucu Pichincha, in more or less pleasant weather. We had no luck only on the top. It started a shower of hail ... but we're not even afraid of it. We stayed at the top full time, photographed and quietly went down.

Today our journey continues, we fly to Peru. We have ahead the ancient capital of the Incas in Cusco, and, of course, Machu Picchu. After that, the journey will continue in Argentina. One more time, hello! It was Artem Rostovtsev and the team. Photographs attached ...










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