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Group of Vladimir Kotlyar acclimatizes under the South Face of Aconcagua


06/01/2016 21:14

Buenas tardes, amigos! It is Vladimir Kotlyar, an expedition on Aconcagua. We are, united in our troika, are almost at the foot of the South Face of Aconcagua. However, nothing can be seen. The weather is bad. Everything is covered with clouds, snow. Right as Russian winter, or, well, a Canadian one. All we are OK, wonderful. We have come here with ease. And now, after a light lunch at this height, we are going to go down there to meet the second part of our group. All the best to all, Adios! Wish us luck, the weather!






Cerro Aconcagua (official name) with its 6,962 m is the highest mountain in South (and both) America, and the highest mountain in the Southern and Western Hemisphere. It is located in the Andes ... read more »

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