28 March 2016, 21:14

Gala evening of the 7 Summits Club, dedicated to the departure of the expedition "Everest - 2016"

 The 7 Summits Club invites all March 31 (Thursday), beginning at 20.00

 Since 2003, we have organized 12 expeditions to Everest, and this year it will be a 14th expedition. All were led by Alex Abramov. This year we have 26 members.



On this evening:


- We remember all our Everest expedition, from 2003 to 2015;


- Participants of those expeditions themselves will talk about;


- We present the team of Everest in 2016;


- We present the 1st Russian women's expedition to Mount Everest;


- We listen songs, play a lottery, chat with friends etc...


Address: Moscow, Bolshaya Pereyaslavskaya, 7

Metro Prospekt Mira