1 April 2016, 23:15

March 31th  the 7 Summits Club held a traditional evening dedicated to the traditional spring event - the departure of the expedition to Everest. Traditionally, there were many people with different ages, experience and wealth. Traditionally, half of them listened to, and the other half talking to each other "in couloirs" (not in the mountain!). Traditionally, almost all left with regret,  and traditionally we did not have enough time to make the scheduled. In short, this is what we call a success of the evening!


At first (unplanned) audience watched film "Messner". Then Alex Abramov, the head of all, including the Everest 2016 expedition opened the festive evening.


Alexander Abramov. Opening the evening. Few words.



History.  Everest 2003-2005. Difficult experience and triumph of Sergei Larin (alone on the summit 50 years after Hillary and Tenzing)



Drama of 2006, and the success of 2007 - Lyudmila Korobeshko.



Abramov - Presentation of the Women's Team Everest. And the male part of.



Delivery of symbols. Ivan Dusharin from the Russian Mountaineering Federation



Delivery of symbols. Alexey  Slotyuk from Federation of mountaineering and rock-climbing of Moscow.



Alexander Yelkov: women on Everest (historical review)


Greetings veterans:


Nicholay Cherny


Vladimir Shataev



Yuri Tinin



Songs. Oleg Banar



Everest in 2012 and the program Alpari on top of the world. Ivan Dusharin


Everest 2014 Natalia Matusow. On a perfect team.



You could buy paintings of climbers Oleg Fedorov and Bogdan Sadowski



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