7 July 2016, 14:43

Hi,  Seven Summits! Take the information from the Caucasus! Today at 6:30 am, a group named "Skolkovo" in full stood on the Western peak of Mount Elbrus. Now, time is 10-30, the entire group safely came down to the shelter Leaprus. All is well, all alive and well, except for some abrasions and blisters. Dmitry Tertychnyi, a young 15-year-old climber, also successfully climbed the top. The ascent was difficult due to the fact that there was a lack of acclimatization. A little time we had to acclimatize. But we decided to go to try to climb to the summit today. Since tomorrow the weather worsens and the window on Saturday - was not clear. Therefore, we decided to collect will in a fist. And we did it! You can congratulate us! Bye! Sergey Larin.