15 January 2017, 10:29

Alexander Abramov: Season Vinson and the South Pole is almost  over and I want to sum up this season - Antarctica 2016 - 2017. This season, with the 7 Summits Club 3 groups of 17 people climbed Vinson Massif. Guides Abramov and Kotlyar and climbed a total of 5 times. 5 people have come to ski to the South Pole. That is, the amount we have 27 achievements!

 This season: the first Mongolian Ganga finished the program "Seven Summits". Most young Russian climber on the highest point of Antarctica: Dima Tertychnyi. And also for the first time a father and son. The first Belarusian - Vadim Frolov. First Pole Janusz Kohansky, who twice went on the Vinson Massif. Kazakhstan team reached the Pole. And, of course, It was trained a new  guide for Vinson - Vladimir Kotlyar. The first Russian woman Korobeshko Lyudmila came to the South Pole on skis for the second time. Aleksandr Abramov made his 16th ascent of Vinson Massif.

 Now Alexander Abramov and Ludmila Korobeshko rest in Mendoza. Tomorrow -  start a new adventure in  Aconcagua. Hooray!!!