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14 January 2017, 06:01

Hello, Seven Summits! Take an information about the first group on Aconcagua. We spent, our group, for two nights on the Nest of the Condor. There was  any condors, of course,  we have not seen it, and today have climbed the camp Colera, an altitude of 6 thousand meters. As practice shows, young people need more time for acclimatization. Unfortunately, it was proved by our youngest participant Christine. She went down with the second guide, Myasoedov Valery, down to the camp Plaza de Mulas. We, the remaining members, climbed to camp Colera. Our summit climb now depends only on wind speed. We will be here waiting for favorable conditions. And Christina with Valery will have a chance to try again, the time they have. Briefly, that is all. Bye! Sergey Larin.