5 January 2017, 06:56

Hi! This is Alexander Abramov from Antarctica. Today, January 4th at seven pm, our whole team, 9 people, was standing on the top of the Massif Vinson. S0 we now have the first Belarusian, who ascended the Vinson Massif, we also have a Frenchman, two Poles, and, five Russian. Well, yes ... three Russian and two guides. Guides - they have no nationality. They are Alexander Abramov and Vladimir Kotlyar. Well, in general, the whole team, with its full complement of 9 people. Weather, frankly, was perfect. Just perfect. In the morning, however, it was heavy fog and was not seen even where to go. Well then the  weather got much better and just lovely weather – sunny, no wind. Well, in general, we all are very satisfied and happy. Now we spend the night in the High camp at 3800 and then, tomorrow, we will begin the descent - to the family, loved ones and friends.


Goodbye to all! We are fine.