10 February 2017, 11:29

February - it is not only the third month of winter with snowfalls, thaws, the constant change of temperatures and gloomy days, but also the end of the summer, as well as the best time to climb the mountain peaks near the equator and in the Southern Hemisphere!


Now there is the busy season of climbing for Kilimanjaro, Kenya, Orizaba in Mexico, Chimborazo in Ecuador.


In this February  there will be around 30 PAX from the 7 Summits Club to climb Kilimanjaro in six different groups. You can still join one of our groups right now, do not delay your plans for later.


Many our clients have already managed to climb Mount Kilimanjaro this year and send their photos and reports. Following photos sent to us by Anton Pavlov, who just has returned home after a successful ascent.


The other climbers are already flying in the direction of Tanzania, or are packing their backpacks.