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24 April 2017, 22:43

Alex Abramov, the leader of the expedition: Day 8. The expedition of the 7 summits Club - Everest 2017.

Today our team was in a very beautiful monastery in Tashi Lompo. It was considered by all participants, much more interesting than the Potala in Lhasa. We are very well walked on it and talked to Tibetans.


Then we checked out and spent the whole day traveling in the bus, drove two mountain passes at an altitude of 4530 and  5200m. The second pass by height is just as our base camp. The wind was blowing and we understood that the Everest is not joking. But the mood of the team  still is fighting.

We settled in the hotel in Xegar. In the rooms  it is warm. Air conditioning warm air.

Tomorrow we will go for acclimatization outing. And tomorrow we should arrive in Base camp.