1 August 2017, 17:15

Day 5 - 4810 m!

Thank God we managed to sleep! After a cup of tea and a sandwich with jam, we dressed and went out onto the path. We we're not the first group to go out so we could see people's flashlights in the pitch darkness, that way we could see what was in front of us. After an hour's journey, we begin to meet those who turned back. Something happened to them. Mountain sickness or something else. No one is discussing that on the way up. Alright then! Now take a step and take another step and make sure that the rope does not stretch. We got lucky with the weather, the path is trampled down. Everything goes according to plan. You have to hold on. Walk and breathe as evenly as possible. Somewhere at 3 am it was already quite sunny and we already met groups that climbed to the top. One of us just raised his hand to greet them. After about 6 hours we were on top of Mont Blanc! We did it!

Thanks to Roman and the weather! This is a great success for us! The story of how we descended 10 hours on our last energy to the station Nia D'aigle (2380m). We won't tell you... We want to leave only good memories!