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Anastasia Dobrovolskaya: how I painted an abstract painting on the top of Mount Kilimanjaro


31/08/2017 18:08

Photo report about how I climbed Kilimanjaro and at an altitude of over 5700 meters, painted the world's first high-altitude painting...

Anastasia Dobrovolskaya – artist, Vice President of the Union of Russian Abstractionist...


We are at the top. This is 1st summit (Gillmans Point) - 5685 meters. We stay... we drank tea, ate chocolate and biscuits. We must go further. Close to 2-th summit, all stopped and no one could go far. We began to breathe artificial oxygen from the tank. The tour guide said that when we get to 3rd  summit, he will allow not more than 10 minutes to be there.

I have joined the brain. To write a painting I  need 30-40 minutes, and in the current situation and all 45. I decided to sit right here on the rocks, please oil on canvas and palette knife. With me remains husband and 2 porters. The rest of the group goes on... I begin to paint. My Head's not straight, the colors - in the pile, Kilimanjaro is not given.

After 20 minutes, the image of the mountain appears. The guides help keep the folder and the canvas serves paint and sincerely amazed at how the canvas it appeared - Kilimanjaro))))



It took 40 minutes and all my power, which I need to remain for the descent…









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