25 January 2018, 07:45


  Hello, Seven Summits! Here Atacama says,  by voice of Artem     Rostovtsev. We have a second day standing at Laguna Verde.  And we made two acclimatization outings. Yesterday we went to the slopes of the mountain Mulas Muertas... Today we had an amazing rise to the top of Mount San Francisco. Weather, pah-pah-pah, is getting better. Wind is calmer.

Yesterday we had a tornado swept through the camp.  It took a camera, broke the tripod and damaged the camera.

And even the wind was trying to destroy our tent-dining room. Lucky there were people inside. We kept it and even quickly repaired a damaged racks.

As for people conditions, all are doing well.

Tomorrow on the program we moved to the camp Atacama, on 5300.  And again, we act together with our first group of Alex Abramov, traveling through the Atacama.  The objectives are the same as ours - Ojos del Salado.

Hi to all, from hot and dry Atacama!