19 January 2018, 12:16

Hello! Here is Alexander Abramov from the expedition Ojos del Salado. We now have two groups. The first group today went to the camp Lagoon Rosa. We have 18 PAX  in the first group this year, including guides. And we are waiting for the second group, in which  is 12 people and the TV-crew of the First Russian Channel.

 The atmosphere here is great, Laguna Rosa is a very beautiful lake...

Here we have three cooks who are perfectly cooked. All from Moscow: Kristina Putintseva, Lena Abramova, Tanya Jalovchak...

In our expedition we are three guide:  Alexander Abramov, Ivan Dusharin and Victor Yershov. This is the first team. Two days later we are waiting for Sergey Larin with the second team.

Bye! Everything is gorgeous!


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