20 March 2018, 06:25

Dо you want to know what other surprises have prepared tireless Alex Abramov for the upcoming expedition to Everest this spring? See below for sensational news!

Soon we are going to farewell an expedition of 7 Summits Club on Everest. We wish them good luck, that is, weather and health. And good service we must provide…



Lyudmila Korobeshko tells:

When Alex began bringing Sherpas to Russia 10 years ago to Elbrus for the purpose of teaching Russian language and mentality, it was unusual.

When Alex began to bring Sherpas cooks to Moscow to teach Russian and Ukrainian culinary delights - t was surprising, but also interesting and understandable.

After all the bortsch and cutlets in the base camp of Everest please everyone.



But when Alex said that he had invited a professional chef to his expedition this year... and  from Chile!!!, I ... hardly surprised ... after all these beds in camps, bar tents, yoga studios, Jacuzzi and masseuses...

By the way, those who were in Antarctica should remember Patricio. This cheerful cook, swearing in Russian.

Colorful Chilean Patricio. He has been working for many seasons in Antarctica at the Union Glacier and worked for several seasons on Russian cruise liners, where he learned expressive Russian.

In General, it should be a lot of fun and very tasty!








Less than a month remains before the departure on Everest of the team of  the 7 Summits Club under the leadership of Alexander Abramov. It will be our 15th expedition, and it will be the largest in terms of quantity, almost 40 people.  But equally important are changes in quality of service. Experience shows that the percentage of successful ascents in expeditions directly depends on the conditions in which the participants are placed, how comfortable is their rest, on the quality of food and service in general.



 Therefore, from year to year our base camp is becoming more and  more comfortable, we come up with new types of affordable services, new forms of leisure, trying to improve communication and so on. This year, for the first time in the history of Everest base camps, the 7 Summits Club will provide members of our expedition with individual tents equipped with full beds, lighting and a separate room with a work desk. In addition, we will again improve our places of social pastime, we will have a full bar, sauna and massage salon…


Listen for yourself head (for the 16th time) Everest expedition Alexander Abramov (in Russian):



Everest "luxury camp»


Luxury camp

In the base camp we will have large heated tents, at the rate of one per person. In the first room there will be a table, a chair, lighting, a charge for gadgets - you can sit and work on a computer. In the second room - a bedroom, which is an elongated (210 cm) bed with a 12 cm mattress, and a wardrobe for storing personal belongings. Floors are covered with carpets, and oil heaters will contribute to a comfortable rest.

Also on the territory of the camp will be installed "pub" - a huge 12-meter tent with a pool table, poufs and drinks.

According to comments, some climbers dream of Everest about massage in the base camp. Well - the impossible – is possible! This year the team of the 7 Summits Club  will organize a small salon of sports massage!