27 March 2018, 06:50

The experience of our 14 expeditions to Everest suggests the following: conditions of rest during acclimatization are essential for success. The climber should restore his strength as much as possible, should not get sick, should keep his high moral spirit and desire to go to the end. To do this, we are building a comfortable base camp, for this purpose we engaged in the preparation of cooks, for this all entertainments, the entire organization of leisure. There is no worse, when climbers after  hard exits huddle in cramped tents, eating monotonous canned food and not knowing what to do in days of rest.

 Alexander Abramov, President of the 7 Summits Club, the expedition leader on Everest:

I have just returned from Nepal, where I had gone to check the readiness of our expedition Everest 2018. This year we are doing more comfortable base camp - Luxury camp, as we call it. We deliver new spacious tents with beds, heaters and a desk. We are also waiting to reach a new level of our cuisine, because our favorite chef from Antarctica Patricio came to help us. The whole expedition is ready. This year we have 20 participants, 7 guides and 6 cooks. And 35 Sherpas as high-altitude guides and porters. It is the largest expedition on Mount Everest in 2018.