17 May 2018, 05:31

From the message of Alexander Abramov: ... at 5.30 our first group climbed to the top! We have already started the descent and now we are at 8800m. We'll go to camp ABC at 6400. The sun rose and the weather is beautiful! Of the 11 high-altitude Sherpas of the team one did not reach the top … We were 20 persons on the summit


List of climbers:

  1. Alexander Logachev
  2. Vladimir Belkovich
  3. Dmitry Tertychnyy (17 years old)
  4. Alexander Tertychnyy
  5. Dmitry Tomilin
  6. Cyril Semechkin
  7. Alexander Popov
  8. Alexey Balakin
  9. Kamil Suchanski
  10. Alexander Abramov, the head and guide – 9th time….